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Smart Solutions for Challenging Environments


Vision, Mission, Values


To be a global leader in developing smart solutions for challenging environments.


To develop and apply advanced engineering principles to solve operational challenges in the natural resource and public sectors.

C-CORE also has the following secondary missions:

     *to further understanding of our physical world in ways that lead to informed decisions and designs, and to safe development; and

     *to develop highly qualified individuals, particularly in advanced engineering.


C-CORE’s organizational values are central to our operations and critical to our success:

*Employing BEST business practices:

C-CORE`s business culture ensures we are ready to meet the challenges of a continually changing global economy. We are highly responsive to emerging opportunities and client need, while maintaining strong focus on financial and risk management, business development and performance management. We seek to strengthen and formalize partnerships in both the academic research and commercial arenas, respecting and adding value to our partners’ intellectual property as well as our own.

*Striving for excellence:

The pursuit of excellence is built into C-CORE`s corporate DNA. Our people, regardless of their individual area of expertise, all have one thing in common: commitment to working to the highest standard – and then raising it. We know that excellence is not an achievement, but a culture.

*Valuing OUR PEOPLE :

C-CORE`s greatest asset is our intellectual capital. Therefore, we provide a safe, supportive and creative work environment that encourages high performance and professional growth, and we invest in learning opportunities that ensure our staff are at the leading edge of knowledge, expertise and technological understanding.