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Smart Solutions for Challenging Environments


Remote Sensing - Systems

Remote Sensing technologies enable monitoring environments, infrastructure and activities to gather information of interest to industry, researchers and/or governments.

C-CORE's team of 35 remote sensing engineers and scientists represents the largest concentration of diverse remote sensing expertise on the planet, dedicated to advancing application of space technologies in terrestrial industries and operations.

C-CORE remote sensing systems projects involve a wide variety of functions that help ensure the safety and security of people and infrastructure. Remote sensing systems provide information that helps improve operational performance and mitigate risks. From algorithm development for advanced signal and image processing to instrumentation development and transponder design, C-CORE has advanced machine and vision systems for use on and under the ocean, on and beneath the Earth, and in the skies and space above.

(Above Right: Personal Locator Beacon developed by C-CORE to assist with Search and Rescue)