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Smart Solutions for Challenging Environments


Principal Investigator - Ice

Mark Fuglem. Ph.D., Principal Consultant, Ice Engineering

Dr. Mark Fuglem joined C-CORE in 2007. He holds a Ph.D. from Memorial University and has over two decades of experience in offshore engineering. His principal expertise relates to decision-making for offshore resource development, with emphasis on problems associated with the presence of icebergs off Canada’s east coast.  Dr. Fuglem has contributed to a broad range of projects investigating sea ice and iceberg loads on offshore platforms, interactions with subsea equipment and risks to pipelines due to scouring and pitting of the sea bed. He has considerable expertise in the development of probabilistic methods to determine design ice loads, design burial depths and optimal ice management strategies for given ice and environmental conditions. He was appointed as C-CORE’s Principal Consultant for Ice Engineering in July 2013.