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Smart Solutions for Challenging Environments


Technical Expertise - Geotechnical

C-CORE houses extensive geotechnical expertise, particularly in the areas of:

·         Offshore Geotechnics

·         Offshore & Onshore Geohazards

·         Soil-Structure Interaction of Pipelines & Risers

·         Permafrost & Cold Region Foundation Engineering

·         Mining & Dams

·         Instrumentation & Laboratory Testing 

C-CORE has unique capability for modeling physical phenomena using full, medium and lab scale testing.  The development of advanced numerical models for ice interaction effects on surface and subsea facilities is a key C-CORE strength.

To advance conceptualization and design of innovative facilities for operations in harsh ice-prone regions, C-CORE has developed specialized tools to test and model ice loading and interaction with the seabed and infrastructure including proprietary models for pipeline burial depth estimation.

For more detailed information on our geotechnical services, click on the bold red links below.

Geotechnical Centrifuge Modeling

Numerical Modeling