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Smart Solutions for Challenging Environments


Facilities & Resources

C-CORE’s facilities include state-of-the-art laboratories, high-speed computing facilities, superior commercial and custom software packages, radar systems and other specialized technologies.  

World-Class Centrifuge Facility

Centrifuge modeling is currently the most reliable technique using small-scale tests of geotechnical phenomena to predict full-scale conditions in various environments. We maintain a world-class geotechnical facility with a 5.5m-radius, 200G payload capacity geotechnical centrifuge (one of the largest in the world and the only one in North America designed to model cold region phenomena, with adjoining model preparation laboratory and earthquake simulator).

Using its centrifuge, C-CORE has accurately modeled numerous events, from subsea earthquakes to sea ice interactions with sloping structures to ice keel interactions with soils and pipelines.

C-CORE hosts graduate students, and researchers from across Canada and around the world, who use the facility for their reseach programs. 

Earthquake Simulator

C-CORE also maintains an advanced Actidyn earthquake simulator equipped with a fully computerized control system that can generate several modes of excitation - sine, broadband noise or arbitrary transient waveforms with both amplitude and frequency control. The three main components of the control system are: a logic controller, a set of hydraulic loop controllers, and a dual axis digital controller and generator.  The addition of this simulator to C-CORE's geotechnical centrifuge makes it the only geotechnical centrifuge in Canada with earthquake modeling capabilities.

Facilities for Ice-related Research

C-CORE boasts superior specialized facilities for ice-related research and engineering, including cold rooms and refrigerated centrifuge capability. Our highly trained and experienced staff has the benefit of additional intellectual capital through our collaborative partnerships with industry, institutes and universities. Additionally, our location on the Memorial campus provides access to additional engineering/testing facilities and diverse academic research resources and additional advanced engineering/testing facilities, including  the National Research Council (NRC) Ocean, Coastal & River Engineering (OCRE)a mere 400 metres west of C-CORE headquarters.