Monitoring solutions that protect the environment, improve operational performance and ensure the safety and security of people and infrastructure.

C-CORE provides custom solutions based on client need, selecting and integrating the most appropriate combination of satellite and other sensor data to deliver information and actionable insights in the most timely and cost-effective manner.


Our 30+ remote sensing engineers and scientists represent the largest concentration of diverse remote sensing expertise in Canada, dedicated to advancing the use of space technologies for safe, efficient, environmentally responsible and sustainable activities on Earth. For more than 35 years we have worked to expand the range of information that can be derived from satellite data to provide environmental information and actionable insights for end users in the resource development, environment stewardship and defence/security sectors.

24/7, near-real-time services and products are available for:

  • Ice Environment Characterization
  • Iceberg Surveillance
    (detection & tracking)
  • Sea Ice Charting
    (ice edge, thickness/safety, drift)
  • River Ice Monitoring
    (location, extent, thickness)
  • Oil Slick/Seep Detection
    (location, size, natural hot spots)
  • Security Surveillance/Encroachment Monitoring
    (unauthorized/unanticipated proximity)
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
    (integrity, stability)
  • Water Quality Monitoring
    (temperature, sediment, chlorophyll, bacteria, etc.)

Monitoring Ottawa's new Light Rail Transit corridor


Helping ensure the safe and timely construction of Ottawa’s new transportation infrastructure, C-CORE is continuously monitoring the OLRT corridor for ground movement during excavation/construction. Using satellites 800km above the Earth, we are measuring ground deformation as small as 3 mm.

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Wetland mapping and monitoring


Wetlands play an important role in environmental health, purifying water, controlling floods, stabilizing shorelines and providing habitat for a wealth of plant and animal life. C-CORE has developed new EO-based technologies to understand, map and monitor wetlands in a thorough, detailed and cost-effective manner.

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River Ice Flooding Hazard Assessment Project


Throughout Canada, rivers freeze over during the winter season. Ice covers can become ice jams that cause upstream water levels to rise, spill over and flood nearby land. C-CORE is developing EO-based flood prediction tools to improve decision-making for disaster management and emergency response.

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Latest News

Equinor/C-CORE Iceberg Classifier Challenge

Ship or iceberg, can you decide from space?

In November 2017, St. John’s-based applied R&D organization C‑CORE and international energy company Equinor challenged the machine-learning community to find a better way to classify an object seen in a satellite image as a ship or an iceberg. Three months later, more than 3500 teams worldwide were working on the problem.

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