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SAR Systems Support

MODEX GMTI Calibration Transponder 

C-CORE’s MODEX GMTI Calibration Transponder enables RADARSAT-2 to spot a moving target on Earth. Developed to support MODEX (Moving Object Detection Experiment), the ground moving target indicator (GMTI) mode of RADARSAT-2, it is a coherent calibration transponder for generating moving target returns from RADARSAT-2 transmissions. Its customized hardware and software provide the functionality required by Canada’s research and development agency for public safety and national security.  C-CORE developed all components: software; graphical user interface (GUI); signal processing package; and radio frequency (RF) front-end, transmitter, receiver and antenna turning unit.

Sentinel Satellite Transponder

Following on the MODEX project, C-CORE is now developing calibration transponders in support of the European Space Agency (ESA) Sentinel-1 mission. This project involves design and fabrication of, as well as operations preparation for, a set of three high-precision active radar calibrators (transponders) for external characterization of the Sentinel-1 C-Band SAR instrument. These transponders will provide the capacity to mimic a fixed target with a programmable and precisely calibrated radar cross section and a programmable slant range. The transponders will be deployed at three separate locations in Europe and will enable Sentinel-1 to self-adjust as needed, thus ensuring it continues to operate within specified parameters over the life of the mission.

C-CORE has also completed feasibility studies for calibration transponder development in support of the upcoming Canadian Space Agency RADARSAT Constellation mission and the ESA Biomass mission.