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Smart Solutions for Challenging Environments


Maritime Search & Rescue Tools & Supports

Emergency Locator Beacon

C-CORE has developed an inexpensive, compact and lightweight emergency locator beacon for “man overboard” applications. Attaching to the clothing, life vests or survival gear of persons aboard ocean-going vessels, the device is activated either automatically or manually upon entry into the water, or manually from aboard the vessel if necessary. The primary user group is inshore fisher-people, but recreational boaters and others in marine settings are potential users. The design is a hybrid comprising a very high frequency – digital selective calling (VHF-DSC) transmitter attached to the person overboard and a COSPAS/SARSAT transponder on board the host vessel, which relays a distress message originated by the tag through COSPAS/SARSAT satellites to search and rescue authorities. 

Multi-Application Marine Marker

C-CORE has developed a multi-application marine marker that is easily deployed, reliable, cost effective, and can survive and remain operational in the harshest marine environments. Satellite-based, it is used for tracking oil slicks, ice, and search and rescue targets such as life rafts, ships and debris.  The current design uses an Iridium transponder along with a GPS receiver to relay locations back to Coast Guard.