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Smart Solutions for Challenging Environments


Frost Action & Pipelines

C‑CORE brings its integrated expertise to bear in solving challenges associated with pipelines in permafrost regions. Assembling teams in response to the specific need, we can support pipeline projects through:  

* Geotechnical analysis of thermal interaction between pipeline and surrounding soils.                                                                * Determining hazards related to permafrost-pipeline interaction such as thaw settlement for “warm” oil pipelines buried into permafrost and frost heave for “cold” gas pipelines crossing talik zones in semi-permafrost terrains.                                              * Estimating risk of potential pipeline failure.

* Application of physical and numerical tools for thermo-mechanical analysis.                                                                                            * Numerical and physical testing of various pipeline designs with mitigative measures.                                                                   * Development of 3D numerical thermo-mechanical models to predict pipeline behavior in permafrost environment.

* Providing various technical solutions for safe pipeline operation in permafrost environments.