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Floe Edge Monitoring

C-CORE's Floe Edge Monitoring Service provides near-real-time sea ice imagery and information to Canadian arctic communities using an online delivery system. The purpose of the service is for safe navigation both on and off the ice.  The service allows users to access remotely sensed data in the form of optical and RADAR satellite imagery in a timely manner.  The products include current and historical floe edge location information as well as potential danger warning signs. 

Right: Floe Edge Map product. Click on image to see larger version.

Identifying locations of interest on the ice edge and selecting the shortest route around ice ridges and open water helps minimize travel time, fuel costs and equipment wear, as well as helps maximize the safety of travel on the ice, particularly as climate change is rendering traditional knowledge of the icescape less reliable.

Left: Hunters at the floe edge, Pond Inlet. (Image courtesy of Gerry Tutte)

Access to the products is provided through a secure Data Access and Delivery System where users can log in here to view the map products.

For further information, please contact C-CORE client services by email.