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Technical Expertise - Earth Observation

For more than two decades C-CORE has led the world in investigating satelliteā€based iceberg surveillance capabilities. C-CORE's ice detection and ice environment characterization services are kept on the leading edge by continuous research into new methods of analysis and interpretation of satellite imagery, both current and historical.  

Products & Services:

For detailed information on C-CORE's EO products and services, click on the headings (in bold red text) below.

  Iceberg Surveillance

   * Iceberg detection and tracking

   * Iceberg-vessel discrimination

 Sea Ice Charting

  * Standard and non-traditional ice charts

  * Drift vectors and convergence / divergence

  * Pressure products

  Floe Edge Monitoring

   * To assist efficient route planning for hunters and travellers

   * To maximize safety during travel over ice

  River Ice Monitoring

  * Classification of river ice type and cover to support water resource management

 * Supports flood risk assessment for hydropower generation, emergency preparedness, etc.

 Ice Environment Characterzation

  * To support safe shipping

  * For ice management planning and operational support

 Oil Slick/seep Detection

  * As part of environment monitoring and protection

  * To support hydrocarbon exploration

  Security Surveillance/Encroachment Monitoring

  * Pipelines, railway lines, right-of-ways

  * Secure facilities

 Critical Infrastructure Monitoring (for integrity and stability)

  * Pipelines, railway lines

  * Dams, bridges

 Water Quality Monitoring

 * For use in studies of lake ecosystems

 * For tracking lake response to nutrient and land use management strategies