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Smart Solutions for Challenging Environments


EO Experience: Projects & Programs

For more than 35 years, C-CORE has worked to advance remote sensing technology and systems, and to bring the benefits of this powerful technology to the natural resource and government sectors. With a team of 35 scientists, engineers and other highly qualified professionals, C-CORE’s capability in remote sensing combines our expertise in Earth Observation (EO) with Radar and Vision Systems to provide operational detection services, product development and applied R&D to advance new technologies for harsh environments (space, cold/deep ocean, the Arctic, etc.) with industry and government applications in offshore oil & gas, pipeline operations, mining, and security and environmental monitoring.

From time to time, C-CORE will feature projects that may be particularly interesting to our clients, partners and associates, particularly those that highlight the value of our closely integrated technical and engineering teams.

The following projects illustrate the range of capabilities within our Remote Sensing/Satellite Monitoring group. Click on the project names (in bold red test) for further information.

Altimeter Ice Detection (AID)

Semi-Automated Classification of Oil Slicks at Sea using Radar and Optical Imagery (SACORO)


Polar View