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Centrifuge Testing and Numerical Modeling of Drag Embedded Anchors in Soft Clay

C-CORE has completed centrifuge and numerical modeling of Drag-Embedded Anchors (DEAs) in clays.  The load capacity of a DEA is a function of anchor geometry, soil type and penetration depth.  The prediction of penetration depth of the anchor has a high degree of uncertainty and thus anchor load capacity can be quite variable.

The clay was impregnated with lead fillings such that the trajectory of the anchor could be measured post test using a CT scanner.  The numerical modeling of the centrifuge test was done using the ABAQUS/Explicit Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian (CEL) analysis procedure.  A customized connection element, used for modeling the behaviour of the anchor cable, proved to be essential in accurately capturing anchor penetration depth. 

Excellent correspondence was shown between the physical test and numerical simulation confirming that the CEL procedure is able to predict anchor penetration and installation load. A major outcome of this research is the measurement of the force immediately above the shank.