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Strategic Partnership for Remote Sensing Innovation

C-CORE collaborates with Boeing Phantom Works to develop new satellite ground stations

On October 25th, Boeing Phantom Works announced collaborative partnerships with two Canadian companies that are leaders in remote sensing research, development and innovation.  St. John’s-based C‑CORE and Montreal-based GHGSat are working with Boeing to develop remote sensing solutions that go beyond satellite platforms.  C-CORE will design and build satellite ground stations for downlinking data from multiple missions (conventional Earth observation (EO) satellites, nanosats, cubesats and other small satellites). The ground stations will be designed for arctic deployment, and the first two will be deployed in Inuvik, Northwest Territories and St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

EO technology is changing rapidly and dramatically. Satellites are becoming smaller, cheaper and more numerous.  The new small satellites now coming into service are profound game-changers.  Ranging in size from shoebox to microwave, they are built and launched as constellations. Today, there are hundreds in orbit, capturing multiple scenes daily of any area of interest in the world.  The imagery they acquire must still be downloaded to receiving stations on the ground, more cost effectively than current approaches. Also, value-added processing must accommodate much larger volumes of data.  This is where the C-CORE – Boeing collaboration comes in.

C-CORE’s ground stations will downlink the ever-increasing information generated by new satellites, process it using a combination of Boeing and C-CORE analytical tools and almost immediately uplink it to interested users through the cloud, turning information into insights.  C-CORE believes that this is the future of Earth observation , and the Boeing – C‑CORE collaboration positions C‑CORE at the forefront of the journey to that future.

The first imagery will be received from GHGSat’s nanosat Claire, bringing C-CORE’s relationship with GHGSat full circle: C-CORE’s LOOKNorth Centre partnered with GHGSat in 2013 to test their greenhouse gas sensor prior to launch.

This Boeing – C-CORE partnership also supports the mandate of C-CORE’s LOOKNorth centre. LOOKNorth is a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research, within the Government of Canada’s Networks of Centre’s of Excellence program.  Its mandate is to foster innovation in Canada’s remote sensing sector and to promote commercial use of remote sensing technologies to support development of northern natural resources.  The infrastructure developed under this project will provide geospatial analytical tools, an enhanced marketing platform and preferred access to satellite data for LOOKNorth’s network of over 60 Canadian businesses, universities and research centers.