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Smart Solutions for Challenging Environments


3D Physical Modeling of Steel Catenary Risers in the Touchdown Zone

Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs) are a preferred choice of seabed to surface conduits in deep ocean environments for their simplicity in design and relatively lower costs.  Riser-soil interaction within the touchdown zone is a very complex process.

For this reason, a new three-axis centrifuge actuator has been developed at C-CORE to study riser behaviour.  In a controlled centrifuge test, seabed and riser properties can be manipulated to simulate full scale conditions in the vicinity of the touchdown point.  The riser system is primarily instrumented to measure moment distributions, displacements and trench formation.  Post test surveys are often completed to measure final trench formation.  Potential test outcomes are also predicted using finite element analysis.  Calibration of numerical results to physical testing has allowed for a significant contribution to the design of SCRs.